Thursday, January 11, 2018

Colour & Emotion exhibition at The Street Gallery, UCLH Arts and Heritage

uclh arts and heritage
Opening: 6.00pm-7.30pm Thursday 11th January 2018
Exhibition does: 12th January – 21st February 2018 
The Street Gallery, University College Hospital, 235 Euston Road , London NW1 2PG
Colour & Emotion is the outcome of an interdisciplinary and collaborative research project looking at colour, sensation and emotion and was funded by a UCL Grand Challenges: Human Wellbeing Award. It brought together artists, a human geographer, a speech and language therapist and a group of adults with acquired communication difficulties (aphasia) in a series of co-production workshops. The workshops explored how we can use colour to create a visual language for expressing feelings and emotions. The Colour and Emotion Toolkit was co-designed out of the workshops, and 5 prototypes of the toolkit were produced. Accompanying the toolkits is a publication, Colour & Emotion Manual, which provides instructions for using the complete toolkit, and can also be used independently. The broader aim of the research was to think through how colour can be used to establish a non-verbal approach to measuring well-being creatively.

Exhibiting artists: Malgorzata Bany, Jin Han Lee, Grace Hailstone, Thomas Jenkins, James Keith, Caroline de Lannoy, Stephanie Nebbia, Nir Segal, Lesley Sharpe, Estelle Thompson, Jo Volley and Rob Welch.

Caroline de Lannoy '141217'

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Exhibition at Galerie Abstract Project, Paris

'entr'acte : intermission'  -  Private view: 8 November 2017 | Galerie Abstract Project, Paris
Galerie Abstract Project
5 Rue des immeubles Industriels, 75011 Paris, France

Caroline de Lannoy - '250517'

Monday, June 5, 2017

about the line

Caroline de Lannoy 'about the line' project.
©2017 Caroline de Lannoy

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Mercus Barn Collection

The Mercus Barn Collection: Exhibition: 1st - 29th April 2017    
Exhibiting artists: Richard Bell, Ad Dekkers, Sharon Hall, Paul Hawden, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Justin Jones, Caroline de Lannoy, Peter Joseph, Katie Pratt, David Saunders, Jean Spencer, GR Thomson, Denise Ward, Ian Whittlesey.

The Mercus Barn, 24 rue Gabriel Peri, 09400 Mercus-Garrabet, France 

Caroline de Lannoy - painting

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Caroline de Lannoy: 1999 - ongoing Work

Caroline de Lannoy (1999 – ongoing):

‘a point next to another point next to another point next to another point next to another point next to another point …
light years away’

© 1999 Caroline de Lannoy, all rights reserved.

Caroline de Lannoy - 'light years away' 2016

caroline de lannoy - 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

sonic art projects
 2004-2016 at Le Musee di-visioniste

SoundLAB - sonic art projects
 2004-2016 at Le Musee di-visioniste

soundLAB - sonic art projects, is releasing on occasion of 9 Nov 2015 - the sound art project "soundCOLLECTIVE" which can be visited online: